Returns Policy

Return Policies

Wrong or incorrect battery ordered:
Batteries returned because the wrong battery was ordered are subject to a 10% restocking fee. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges and any resulting transaction fees. RMA required.

Incorrect battery received:
Any return caused by Arizona Battery's error will be corrected at no additional cost to the customer. ALL Shipping charges will be the responsibility of Arizona Battery. RMA required.

Refused shipments:
If a shipment has been refused by the receiving party and shipping address has been verified by our records to be accurate based on information from the customer, a 20% restocking fee may be applied to credit card used or withheld during refunding of credit charges. Please contact us prior to refusal of shipment for a reduced restocking fee. It is always a good idea to verify the shipping information on your confirmation to ensure accurate delivery.

RMA Procedure:
ALL returns must be accompanied by a RMA Slip from Arizona Battery. The RMA Slip is our documentation with instructions for our receiving area. A battery returned without a RMA Slip will not be processed and will be scheduled for disposal. An RMA can be requested by e-Mail  or by calling us at 866-597-3709. Please provide the name the order was placed under, the Invoice Number, date of purchase and the problem with the battery. The RMA Slip will be E-Mailed or faxed as per the customer's instructions.

Conventional (flooded) type battery return policy:
Conventional batteries which have not been activated can be safely shipped so long as the electrolyte package is in tact and has not been damaged or punctured in any manner. Batteries which have already been activated cannot be safely shipped and only in-store returns are allowed. RMA required.

Dry Charge AGM return policy:
Dry charge AGM batteries can be returned so long as the battery has been activated in accordance with the instruction sheet accompanying the battery when initially shipped. All factory supplied vent caps must be present and securely installed prior to return shipping on activated batteries. In the event a dry charge AGM has not been activated the battery may be returned so long as electrolyte package is in tact and has not been damaged or punctured in any manner. RMA required.



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