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Arizona Battery strives to ensure that your experience with our business is quick, easy, and as satisfactory as possible. We pride ourselves on our customer service and will attempt to provide the customer with the best possible performance. In our real lives we are customers also and we treat our customers as we expect to be treated. In keeping with our customer service policy the following is our Warranty and Returns Procedures and Policies.

Our 45 Day Warranty Replacement:
Any battery purchased from Arizona Battery that fails within 45 days of purchase will be considered DOA. Arizona Battery will replace the battery at NO cost to the customer. Arizona Battery will ship a replacement, Issue a full or partial refund, or arrange reurn shipping at our expense. RMA Slip is required. See our Return Policy for RMA information.

One Year Warranty on SLA/AGM Batteries:
All of the Sealed Lead Acid Absorbent Glass Mat batteries sold by Arizona Battery have a One Year Manufacturer's Replacement Warranty. We do not expect our customer's to contact the Manufacturer for warranty replacement, Simply go through us and we'll take care if it. Arizona Battery will replace any AGM battery that fails during normal use for a period of one year after purchase date. "Normal use" is defined as the normal charge/discharge cycle for which the application is intended. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges after 45 days from purchase. RMA is required. Before receiving an RMA authorization please contact one of our technicians for primary troubleshooting. Batteries that have failed due to overcharging, current draw greater than the battery's intended design, or failures caused by customer's equipment, are not covered by this warranty. Please be aware that multiple premature battery failures in the same equipment can usually be attributed to the equipment.

Conventional (flooded) Warranty:
All conventional batteries may be return shipped for warranty or refund so long as the battery has not been activated or the electrolyte package has not been opened, damaged, or punctured in any manner. Any conventional battery which is not suitable to be shipped or would be in violation of shipping hazmat regulations cannot be shipped and must be returned or replaced in-store only. 

Dry Charge AGM Warranty:
All dry charge AGM batteries which have been activated can only be return shipped for warranty or refund of any kind so long as the battery has been activated in accordance with the accompanied assembly instructions and the original vent caps have been properly and securely installed. Any dry charge AGM which has not been activated must have the original electrolyte package in tact, unopened, undamaged, and unpunctured in any manner.



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